“Beginning of June 2021: call from “Elite Coaching” to start my training.

I admit that at that moment I wanted to say no. I was planning a summer of barbecues and beers.

My first training was a real ordeal. I couldn’t even do half of the exercises … I was recovering from my years of unhealthy eating, alcohol, and cigarettes.

Despite all that, and thanks to Carl and François my lifestyle started to change; my diet became healthier, my sleep deeper and more restful, my mind stronger and especially my weight decreased.

The 1st results are seen after a few weeks. Now I can look at myself in the mirror and say to myself “hummm what a good looking dude” ^^.

Elite Coaching is not just a gym. It’s a team of enthusiasts and professionals who are there for you. Who are there to tailor your nutrition and exercise for the best results possible.

Never elsewhere could I have had such help and such motivation. Thank you to them and I really recommend Elite Coaching if you want to transform yourself without being alone and with the best possible team.”