What do you do to get the results you want?

This is super important!
So please read on…
Based on our commitment to you, we require the following from you:

This is super important!

Based on our commitment to you, we require the following from you:

1 – Workout a minimum of 3 days per week following the Elite Coaching program (cancelled training sessions must be made up during the same week or the following week). We also expect you to train outside your comfort zone. You should be improving at every single workout. What does that mean exactly? Well, that means either doing more repetitions with the same weight or more weight lifted for a desired repetition range. How can you expect to progress, change, get stronger, or even transform your body if you do something that you have already done? If you lift the same weight for the same number of repetitions from one training to the next; then you are not challenging yourself to actually improve. In fact, you will be maintaining at best. I actually see this as a complete waste of your time and investment. We all lead busy lives, and wasting an hour workout isn’t going to get you very far. You should really be looking to improve every workout by one way or another. If for some reason you are not improving at every workout, then this raises some serious concerns for us as coaches. Something is drastically wrong. Maybe you aren’t properly fuelled or recovered. These types of problems need to be fixed right away. Having said that, we do realize that if you are completing some of your training sessions without your coach then it is normal that you may not be progressing as much as you are when training with your coach. This is a normal proven fact that training with a personal trainer always yields better results. It is important to really understand that there’s a difference between progressing regularly and pumping up your ego. Here at Elite Coaching, we ask our clients to leave their ego at home. Focus on following proper exercise technique, tempo and rest times, and then you can progress in your weights. Randomly increasing weights just to lift heavy and sacrificing exercise technique or tempo is a great way to develop injuries.

2 – Complete your steps (using your pedometer) exceeding 12,000 steps per day, 7 days a week for fat loss. If you are short one day you must make up the steps the following day. Your pedometer cannot be worn during training sessions. If you are not training for fat loss then this may not be a goal for you. It is important to note that if you do below 10,000 steps a day you are considered sedentary. Anything below 5,000 steps a day has been demonstrated to be directly correlated with an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease. 1,000 steps take approximately 10 mins to complete. So 5,000 steps is less than an hour of moving on a 24-hour period – now that’s really not a lot!

3 – Fill out your accountability food and steps journal in its entirety each day

4 – Follow your custom-designed nutrition and supplement recommendations (if you took a BioSignature package).
Super simple.

Just follow the instructions.