I contacted Elite Coaching because I really needed to get in shape. I was tired of training myself and not getting the results that I wanted. I just didn’t know what else to do even though I had been training for years.

Elite Coaching offers quality services in a very professional environment. The gym is modern with equipment that I had never seen before in other gyms, and they also offer the absolutely essential BioSignature follow-ups to tackle my nutrition to allow me to finally reach my goals.

The nutrition counselling was really the key to the success of the program and a coach was always with me to correct my exercise technique. The trainings and the nutritional changes were essential tools for my success.

At the start I thought that my goals were far fetched, but at the 12 week mark we actually got it: 10% body fat!! I never thought it would have been possible!! Now I have more energy, I sleep well, I want to keep going but I really have to change all my clothes. The most important thing of all is that I have made changes in my nutrition that I can maintain for life and I had a lot of fun in the process with the support of Elite Coaching.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere at Elite Coaching as it is an excellent combination of professionalism and rigor, but the personality of the coaches make all the difference, always open and very friendly. I knew that I could trust them and I was always motivated to give it my all to make sure that I achieved my goals. Without the support of Elite Coaching I could never have succeeded.

Thank you Elite Coaching!



I had just come back from Paris where I ate a lot of croissants and other less than healthy foods. I knew that I needed to hire a pro to seriously get back in shape to bring down my body fat and improve my health for once and for all. I didn’t feel good about myself. I felt tired and my clothes were too tight because I was over weight. I contacted Elite Coaching and I was recommended a health and fitness program that I could integrate into my daily routine, which focused on all aspects needed for my success.

The results I got with Elite Coaching in 11 months were way above and beyond my expectations. Half my body fat melted off and I have never been as healthy as I am today. I have tested out other gyms in the past, and aside from my efforts, you just cannot compare the results I got from working with Elite Coaching with other gyms.

I train three times per week with a coach, and I have a weekly BioSignature consult to tackle my lifestyle habits and nutrition. The key to success for unbelievable results is to be consistent in your efforts, both in the gym and out.

At Elite Coaching, the coaches make sure that you give your best efforts always whilst respecting exercise technique. They are also highly competent and willing to educate their clients for lasting improvements in your health as a whole.

Train with Elite Coaching to get the results you have always wanted!



After I stopped playing competitive hockey when I started University, I started lifting weights. I trained by myself for about 6 years. Of course I did gain some muscle mass, but there were some things that I just couldn’t improve. My nutrition was not optimal because I was gaining as much fat as I was gaining muscle. I ate too much sugars and not enough healthy fats. Since my knowledge of training was limited, I often did the same exercises for years resulting in a lot of muscle imbalances. My endurance wasn’t good, I also had low energy at work and I also suffered from insomnia. For all these reasons I knew that I needed the pros at Elite Coaching, and they helped me solve all of these problems.

I trained 3 times per week with a coach and I also did BioSignature weekly. It’s so motivating to see the progression on paper every week. I trusted the team at Elite Coaching, respecting as much as I could their nutritional recommendations and it really worked.

After a few short weeks with my new training program and of course my new eating habits, I saw a huge difference. I felt better about myself, my energy level tripled and I could fall asleep easily at night. My abs quickly came out of hiding. My shirts now are too tight and my pants are too big!

What I liked the most about the team is their attention to detail and their infinite desire to help you. The workouts will really push you to give it your all at every workout. They do a lot more than count reps and writing your training stats, they are lifestyle coaches! The gym atmosphere is super fun and motivating, and I never had to wait for equipment, which is completely different than regular gyms.

I highly recommend Elite Coaching to anyone who wants to seriously improve their lifestyle, be it for fat loss, lean muscle gains, improved energy levels, focus at work and sleep quality are just a few examples. I have seen a big difference on all these aspects and I feel so good now. You just have to try and you’ll see the difference it will have on your life. I would have continued training with them if I didn’t have to return to Sherbrooke to finish my studies!



I had started training again a few months ago and I was making efforts to improve my nutrition without success. In fact weight was even piling on.

I decided to train with Elite Coaching and try BioSignature to see if I would learn something about myself. I could never have guessed all the difference it could have made. I have never lost weight so easily and without plateauing. By following the advice that was given to me I discovered that my little imperfections that I thought were just the way I was, were not actually the case. Today my sleep has improved, I am not always cold like I used to be and I have more energy during the day.

Since then, I have sent my boyfriend and my best friends to Elite Coaching. They all have awesome results. Not only did I reach my goals but I have also integrated lifestyle habits that make me feel good (and I still love ice-cream). I now fit into clothes that I wore when I was in high school and I see lots of new fun sports opportunities that I can take up.

I love training with Elite Coaching because I don’t need to be scared of getting injured, I can push safely to my limits and progress much faster than if I was training alone. The atmosphere is much more pleasant than conventional gyms, which makes me want to come back. We are all different, and Elite Coaching’s personalized approach allows you to really focus on what’s most important, ensuring continuous progress. Being efficient is the key to Elite Coaching’s methodology so that you reap the maximum benefits for the efforts invested.

My boyfriend hesitated at first because he was telling himself “why should I invest in something that I can do myself with a lot of motivation?” I had actually told myself the same thing, but the results I got after a week or two soon made me forget that voice in my head. The results were constant and we both realized that having the regular support of Elite Coaching really does make all the difference to make sure that put the right efforts in at the right places.



I started training 3 years ago. I had good results at first, but now I was losing motivation and I wasn’t getting anywhere. I was even backtracking. My girlfriend and I heard about Elite Coaching through a good friend of ours who had excellent results. I wanted to get serious and have a good structure to continue to work towards my goals of getting in shape.

I am very proud of my accomplishments and my results, but most of all it’s the changes in my lifestyle habits that I have been able to incorporate that matter the most. I feel so much better, I sleep well now and my overall quality of life has improved.

BioSignature was the key to my success. It’s an excellent way of keeping things in perspective and keeping track of my progress. Training with Elite Coaching is very thorough and professional. I have had other trainers in the past, but nothing compares to the quality of their follow-ups. I have been very impressed by all aspects of the program and I highly recommend Elite Coaching to anyone who is serious about making permanent changes to their lifestyle.

Thank you Elite Coaching!



Before starting my training at Elite Coaching, my quality of life was not good and my low self-esteem had an impact on my future ambitions. I first decided to follow a training plan in order to lose weight a few months before my wedding, and undergo a transformation. This is exactly what happened with Elite Coaching!

At the time, I was eating sugars, especially in pasta, rice and bread. I also had no self-confidence, especially because of fat on my stomach and my face. After 12 weeks of training with the Elite Coaching method (2 sessions a week with a trainer, then 2 sessions by myself) and BioSignature, I created a brand new me. What’s great about BioSignature is that I can actually see my progress. That’s the best motivation: seeing real results. I gradually changed my diet to reduce sugars and eat more meat and vegetables. I’m really pleased with the results. My self-esteem is way up, and I’m really proud of myself. My clothes fit me better, my belly is firm, my pecs are toned and my posture is much better than before. I feel like a new person.

I chose Elite Coaching because I was impressed by the method they use: strict, supervised training, fast, consistent results, and real life coaching. The Elite Coaching method delivers results for anyone who puts this discipline into their training. My success is the result of regular, disciplined training. The Elite Coaching approach is different: it is a small intimate gym, and the coaches pay special attention to their clients. At Elite Coaching, your coach takes more care of you than even you do. My coach was able to get inside my head through his motivational attitude. He really believed in me and demonstrated this in such a fantastic and motivational way. The training attitude makes you love to train. I will never be able to train in a gym other than Elite Coaching again in my life!

Thank you, Blaine


I decided to consult a trainer because a year ago I did not feel well, I was unhappy about my self-perception and I wanted to be more active. I needed a coach who could work with me; in terms of physical health, of course, as well as nutrition. At that time, I was a vegetarian and my diet was low in protein and vegetables; I ate too many carbs and soy products. In addition, I was not sleeping well.

Once I started my training, in less than 12 weeks I saw impressive results. I saw my body change so quickly. I kept telling my husband how good I felt, and my friends were always commenting on my results. This amazing success is due to my hard work and determination (2 sessions a week with my coach, and 2 to 3 sessions by myself) and a new lifestyle. BioSignature sped up the process of change and helped me achieve results quickly, the healthy way. I’m now aware of how I should eat, and I realize how easy it is to live without the things I eliminated (such as gluten and dairy products).

Becoming healthy and physically fit not only improved my self-esteem, it changed my life! Training regularly and eating well have become habits I love, I couldn’t live without them. Through this coaching, I learned a lot about my body and nutrition, as well as about myself. I definitely recommend the Elite Coaching method for everyone, beginner or advanced, who has serious goals and wants to reach them. You’ll be more than satisfied. Thanks to Elite Coaching, I’m in the best shape of my life!

Thank you for everything, Erin


I needed a good coach to work with me because I wanted to lose my baby fat (around 17 kg). I was also developing hypertension so I also wanted to get rid of that. I wanted to feel both stronger physically and psychologically. I wanted to be in good enough shape to restart taking classical ballet classes.

I achieved all of my goals, and 8 years later I continue to train with Elite Coaching to keep perfecting. Even though I’m well into my fifty’s, my chiropractor tells me I have the body of a 30 year old because I train! I am now stronger, calm and very determined in every thing I take on.

The combination of personal training and BioSignature brought me results quickly that were visible, made me feel and look younger knowing that what I was doing was safe and healthy.

Go, Go, GO!! Determination and perseverance will go a long way.

Danny P., 56 years old, Office Manager


I smoked for 20 years and I didn’t do any sports for 15 years. With my 2 kids who are growing quickly I wanted to get back in shape so that I could keep up with them without having to stop every 2 mins to catch my breath.

My biggest regret was to not have started earlier. The results are really impressive and my family and friends also notice the difference. I have never been in such good shape as I am today and I notice it on many different levels: my mood has improved, work productivity has increased, sleep has improved and I feel really proud. I went from a 34” waist to 30” almost 28”!

My biggest problem is that I have to buy new clothes because they are all too big now.

I would never have been able to have such awesome results without the support of Elite Coaching. Training with Elite Coaching is really fun, they are attentive to proper exercise technique to avoid injury, they are always there to make sure that you give it your all at every workout in a safe manner.

Give it a try and you’ll make it a lifestyle!

Dan Tememe, 36 years old, Ubisoft