Ruwan is a lawyer who travels a lot for work and has a very busy schedule.

He has been thinking about starting personal training for several years, but the timing was never right. 

During the pandemic, he gained “covid fat” around the belly and love handles. He knew that he needed structure and discipline to feel better about himself and be healthier. Having a history of diabetes in his family he wanted to take action.

Before coming to us, he was following primarily a vegan diet but with no real structure and lack of knowledge. He decided to let go of the vegan diet and give our advice a shot. He managed to get super lean following our advice and training. 

When he started with us, he weighed 162 lbs with 19% of body fat. His goal was to lose 10 to 15 pounds. In 6 months, he lost 20 lbs and 11% of body fat!

Congratulations Ruwan on your great results and surpassing your goals!