“I don’t like the idea of having heart attacks, strokes, blindness, not feeling my feet or going for dialysis. My father has diabetes I had seen many of these complications in him. Being heavy myself, it was clear I needed to do something now to avoid a complicated future. Having a wedding around the corner only cemented things, so, with my fiancée, I gave Frank a call.

Since I have begun with Frank, I have seen a real improvement all around. I have muscles I have never seen before, I can fit into pants I once deemed “aspirational” and I feel more confident than ever. I had never felt obese, until I see myself now. I’m both proud and encouraged each time I look in the mirror (in the least vain way possible I assure you.)

Frank made the change possible by being the mother superior of my personal fitness. He is at once severely disciplined while being chipper and encouraging. He motivates you well during his (grueling) workouts and provides good tips at routine bioprint meetings. Looking at how he is with my fiancée and myself, I can see that he takes the time to tailor his programs to a person’s personality in addition to their physical ability. Furthermore, his global approach to health improvement ensures that he finds anything that might hinder you in making progress.

Frank is the irresistible force which can overcome the immovable object. If you are willing to work with him and put in the requisite effort, you will meet your goals in short order.”