“You want to lose weight and/or gain muscle mass, you have tried everything but you cannot achieve your results … Elite Coaching is THE gym for you!!!

Like many, I was looking to get rid of extra pounds from the abdominal belt. We hear everything and its opposite on YouTube on what to do or not to do. No need to ask 1000 questions with Elite Coaching since they support you on A. Nutrition B. Exercises C. Healthy lifestyle habits. A personalised program designed just for you! Aiming for only one thing: that you achieve your goal!During private training sessions, the coach is 100% focused on you: counting the reps, correcting the positions and deciding on the loads. In addition, all equipment is accessible since training is only by appointment. We can focus 100% on the current exercise without worrying about the rest.

When Francois showed me to the Before and Afters of the people who trained at his gym, the only question that came to my mind was: why not me? if the others can do it, I should do it too!

Obviously, you need  willingness and a certain being self-demanding but having a person who follows you every week gives you real motivation and pushes you to follow all of enc ours dtheir advice.

I really recommend Elite Coaching! Francois and Julie are very pleasant people. Julie is great but I’m sure all the coaches are equally good.

Pierre, a man with an ongoing transformation ;)”