Francois Preece

FRANÇOIS PREECE (Founder & Coach)

François discovered weight training at the University of Ottawa in 1998, because he found it difficult to follow the schedule of team sports whilst already managing a busy study / work schedule. Weight training allowed him to stay fit and healthy, whilst allowing him to effectively manage his studies and work.
After his degree he decided to start a career in personal training. He had finally found his passion! He instantly fell in love with this industry and made it a top priority to learn as much as he could from different sources and to allow him to improve on his weaknesses as a trainer to perfect his knowledge.

François now holds over 35 certifications in fat loss, muscle gain, sports performance, and nutrition which allows him to issue receipts for insurance companies as a Naturotherapist.
As the owner & founder of Elite Coaching, he meticulously crafted his approach based on over 13 years of experience as a certified personal trainer, and an empirical method that allows all his clients to reach their goals, by giving them all the tools they need to succeed with guaranteed results.


Advanced Strength Program Design – Strength Sensei, PICP 3 Strength & Conditioning Specialist Poliquin Certified (in progress – national level), trainer certified PICP 2 Strength & Conditioning Specialist Poliquin Certified (provincial level), Exercise Kinesiology & Biomechanics seminar – Strength Sensei, Fat Loss Bootcamp seminar – Strength Sensei, Cutting Edge Training Methodology in Hypertrophy – Strength Sensei, Cutting Edge Training Methodology for Achieving Optimal Body Composition – Strength Sensei, personal training (ANIE, CSEP, Can-Fit-Pro, ATP), Metabolic Analytics – Strength Sensei (module 2 – Adrenal & Gut Health), Metabolic Analytics – Strength Sensei (module 1), BioSignature (Poliquin – Level 2), PIMST & FAT Tool (Poliquin Instant Muscle Strengthening Techniques, & Fascial Abrasion Technique), Kickboxing (Fitness Kickboxing Canada – level 3 ultimate instructor, ISKA), Olympic boxing (NCCP), sport nutrition (ANIE), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), functional rehabilitation (ATP) and other specialized trainings (ANIE), general BA (Human Kinetics & Business) University of Ottawa.

David Jonas

David Jonas

Dave is a proud Montreal native, and has rejoined the Elite Coaching bullpen as a Level II Coach after working with NHL hockey players in the U.S. for 2 years. Throughout his time in the strength training/personal training industry, Dave has accumulated a wide range of experience in multiple Poliquin training facilities, including Elite Coaching, Prentiss Hockey Performance, and Body Focus.

Dave’s passion for weight training took root in his early teens when he realized that strength development was a necessity to remain competitive in ice hockey. As the results poured in, an appreciation for discipline and lifestyle blossomed. Dave played Midget AAA hockey, and includes hockey in his active lifestyle. During his undergraduate studies at McGill University (’09 BA Music, tuba) Dave was a dedicated gym rat and still is today!

Dave is a Level I and Level II PICP Strength Coach (Poliquin International Certification Program – Provincial Coach), a Metabolic Analytics I Practitioner (Strength Sensei), and USAW Level I Sports Performance Coach (Olympic Weightlifting).