“These last few months have not been the easiest for me. I never imagined living such trials (on a personal level). I thought I could not combine daily worries and sport. But thanks to the will and the motivation instilled during training, I achieved success.

I remember in December when I came to Elite Coaching. The head filled with woes and the body filled with fat. I was afraid I would never get there because it was not going very well in my personal life. I thought that a stay in France close to my family would do me the greatest good. Morally, I came back almost wiped out. But I had spent too much time putting myself aside and letting go. So I did everything to forget the negatives of my life and I only thought about sports. I absolutely wanted to succeed! Feel an inner well-being, feel good about myself, be proud of who I am. I think it would not have been possible without the unwavering support of the team: François and his coaches at Elite Coaching. Supervised by pros, I immediately felt the difference. You have managed to integrate in me the basic principles and the technique, so important to progress. I was very comfortable and confident. With Alexe, I felt that she absolutely wanted to make me progress! Very professional, she has always been attentive.

Really, I couldn’t have been better guided, better supported and better trained! A breath of fresh air, an exhilarating source of pleasure, surpassing oneself … An oasis in the middle of the desert! A desert that I started to cross as best I could. It reminds me of a meaningful sentence from one of my favorite authors: “The dunes change with the wind, but the desert always stays the same. We are, I am these dunes. Sometimes I would cry in the middle of the session because my mind was somewhere else. I struggled to cope with the evils that arose deep within me and that whispered in my ear to stop everything. We change, over time, according to what life teaches us, according to our experiences, our trials. But life, in its continuity, does not change. It just changes if we decide to shape it our way. We always have to move forward. And taking care of myself through sport was my way to rediscover myself, to struggle, to brave the hard walk on the grains of hot desert sand.

Through these few lines, I sincerely wanted to thank you (François) from the bottom of my heart.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to you & the whole team. ”