“I contacted Elite Coaching because I really needed to get in shape. I was tired of training myself and not getting the results that I wanted. I just didn’t know what else to do even though I had been training for years.

Elite Coaching offers quality services in a very professional environment. The gym is modern with equipment that I had never seen before in other gyms, and they also offer the absolutely essential BioSignature follow-ups to tackle my nutrition to allow me to finally reach my goals.

The nutrition counselling was really the key to the success of the program and a coach was always with me to correct my exercise technique. The trainings and the nutritional changes were essential tools for my success.

At the start I thought that my goals were far fetched, but at the 12 week mark we actually got it: 10% body fat!! I never thought it would have been possible!! Now I have more energy, I sleep well, I want to keep going but I really have to change all my clothes. The most important thing of all is that I have made changes in my nutrition that I can maintain for life and I had a lot of fun in the process with the support of Elite Coaching.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere at Elite Coaching as it is an excellent combination of professionalism and rigor, but the personality of the coaches make all the difference, always open and very friendly. I knew that I could trust them and I was always motivated to give it my all to make sure that I achieved my goals. Without the support of Elite Coaching I could never have succeeded.

Thank you Elite Coaching!”