“After I stopped playing competitive hockey when I started University, I started lifting weights. I trained by myself for about 6 years. Of course I did gain some muscle mass, but there were some things that I just couldn’t improve. My nutrition was not optimal because I was gaining as much fat as I was gaining muscle. I ate too much sugars and not enough healthy fats. Since my knowledge of training was limited, I often did the same exercises for years resulting in a lot of muscle imbalances. My endurance wasn’t good, I also had low energy at work and I also suffered from insomnia. For all these reasons I knew that I needed the pros at Elite Coaching, and they helped me solve all of these problems.

I trained 3 times per week with a coach and I also did BioSignature weekly. It’s so motivating to see the progression on paper every week. I trusted the team at Elite Coaching, respecting as much as I could their nutritional recommendations and it really worked.

After a few short weeks with my new training program and of course my new eating habits, I saw a huge difference. I felt better about myself, my energy level tripled and I could fall asleep easily at night. My abs quickly came out of hiding. My shirts now are too tight and my pants are too big!

What I liked the most about the team is their attention to detail and their infinite desire to help you. The workouts will really push you to give it your all at every workout. They do a lot more than count reps and writing your training stats, they are lifestyle coaches! The gym atmosphere is super fun and motivating, and I never had to wait for equipment, which is completely different than regular gyms.

I highly recommend Elite Coaching to anyone who wants to seriously improve their lifestyle, be it for fat loss, lean muscle gains, improved energy levels, focus at work and sleep quality are just a few examples. I have seen a big difference on all these aspects and I feel so good now. You just have to try and you’ll see the difference it will have on your life. I would have continued training with them if I didn’t have to return to Sherbrooke to finish my studies!”