“I decided to consult a trainer because a year ago I did not feel well, I was unhappy about my self-perception and I wanted to be more active. I needed a coach who could work with me; in terms of physical health, of course, as well as nutrition. At that time, I was a vegetarian and my diet was low in protein and vegetables; I ate too many carbs and soy products. In addition, I was not sleeping well.

Once I started my training, in less than 12 weeks I saw impressive results. I saw my body change so quickly. I kept telling my husband how good I felt, and my friends were always commenting on my results. This amazing success is due to my hard work and determination (2 sessions a week with my coach, and 2 to 3 sessions by myself) and a new lifestyle. BioSignature sped up the process of change and helped me achieve results quickly, the healthy way. I’m now aware of how I should eat, and I realize how easy it is to live without the things I eliminated (such as gluten and dairy products).

Becoming healthy and physically fit not only improved my self-esteem, it changed my life! Training regularly and eating well have become habits I love, I couldn’t live without them. Through this coaching, I learned a lot about my body and nutrition, as well as about myself. I definitely recommend the Elite Coaching method for everyone, beginner or advanced, who has serious goals and wants to reach them. You’ll be more than satisfied. Thanks to Elite Coaching, I’m in the best shape of my life!

Thank you for everything”