“I had started training again a few months ago and I was making efforts to improve my nutrition without success. In fact, weight was even piling on.

I decided to train with Elite Coaching and try BioSignature to see if I would learn something about myself. I could never have guessed all the difference it could have made. I have never lost weight so easily and without plateauing. By following the advice that was given to me I discovered that my little imperfections that I thought were just the way I was, were not actually the case. Today my sleep has improved, I am not always cold like I used to be and I have more energy during the day.

Since then, I have sent my boyfriend and my best friends to Elite Coaching. They all have awesome results. Not only did I reach my goals but I have also integrated lifestyle habits that make me feel good (and I still love ice-cream). I now fit into clothes that I wore when I was in high school and I see lots of new fun sports opportunities that I can take up.

I love training with Elite Coaching because I don’t need to be scared of getting injured, I can push safely to my limits and progress much faster than if I was training alone. The atmosphere is much more pleasant than conventional gyms, which makes me want to come back. We are all different, and Elite Coaching’s personalized approach allows you to really focus on what’s most important, ensuring continuous progress. Being efficient is the key to Elite Coaching’s methodology so that you reap the maximum benefits for the efforts invested.

My boyfriend hesitated at first because he was telling himself “why should I invest in something that I can do myself with a lot of motivation?” I had actually told myself the same thing, but the results I got after a week or two soon made me forget that voice in my head. The results were constant and we both realized that having the regular support of Elite Coaching really does make all the difference to make sure that put the right efforts in at the right places.”