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The “Other Part” Of Weight Loss

The “Other Part” Of Weight Loss

With nutrition down, the next sure-fire way to a skinnier waistline is good old-fashioned exercise.

Always, Always, Always Start With A Warm-Up
Before going “at it” you must always warm-up first. Tearing a muscle or stretching something further than it’s meant to go can have you sidelined for at least a few weeks, and that only slows down your progress. It’s just crazy to miss this crucial step out.
The goal of a warm-up is to get your body ready for a workout, I’ll typically start mine by getting the heart beating, the blood pumping and prepare my mind with 2 to 6 warm-up sets.

The Two Categories Of Exercise You’ll Want To Focus On
A combination of strength training and walking will be your key to success. You may add other exercises/activities to compliment your training program. As for your training program you need to warm up, then you’ll be ready to start your strength training.
Walking and moving outside the gym is excellent for your heart and circulatory system, it’s also a good calorie burner… Walking, running, jump rope, cycling and swimming are all good examples of accessible exercises you can get started with.
As for strength training, the goal here is to build muscle for a toned, lean look on the outside. But also because on the inside, muscle burns up calories fast. Which means while you’re watching T.V. or even sleeping, you’re burning calories faster than you normally would.

Have a fabulous day!