“I was running a lot until I got injured in January 2014 at the groin. I was plateauing for weight and was looking for another way of training with no impact on my groin. I met Marc-André, my co-worker, who had joined the program one year ago and was eating all the time his proteins and veggies. Then I decided to give it a try. I was a sugar addict, should I say chocolate addict, and eating my emotions. I was sleeping 5 to 6 hours a night, stressed like everyone else with work… And here it is, I gave it a try!… With no regret whatsoever!

I am very happy of my results. I have to say at first the changes were difficult, I became cranky, could not understand the other testimonials saying ‘I have more energy’… but it is true! At one point you reach a trigger zone and you have more energy! You walk the stairs even with 3 bags (ladies would understand what I mean). Finally, I sleep better, I have more energy and when I go shopping to Lululemon and want a shirt and there is only a size 4, what do I do? I take it because it fits! I am more aware of my body and feel better!

The coaches are awesome. I learned a lot form Elite Coaching and want to thank them, who, in addition of being supportive and caring are doing the exercises safely, have a great energy and spirit that supported me beyond the actual training! They are really professional, with great sense of humour – the atmosphere at the gym is friendly, and people who are training very nice!

Give it a try! It will make a difference for sure at all levels! Physically and psychologically! Great mind in a great body gives a great attitude!”