“Before starting my training at Elite Coaching, I didn’t have a good quality of life and my low self-esteem had an impact on my ambitions. I had initially decided to follow a training plan to lose weight a few months before my wedding and thus live a transformation. This decision eventually became a new lifestyle!

At the time, I was eating a lot of sugar, pasta, rice and bread. Moreover, I had no self-confidence, especially because of the fat on my stomach and my face. After 12 weeks of training with Elite Coaching (2 sessions per week with a trainer, then 2 sessions by myself) and the BioSignature, I am completely transformed. What’s great with BioSignature is that I can see my progress. It’s the best source of motivation: to see results. I gradually changed my diet to reduce sugars and to eat more meat and vegetables. I am very happy with my results. My self-esteem has increased and I am really proud of me. My clothes now fit me better, my abdomen is firm, my pectorals are toned and my posture is much better than before. I now feel like a new person.

I chose Elite Coaching because I was impressed by the proposed methodology: rigorous and supervised training, rapid and consistent results, a real life coaching. Elite Coaching provides results to those who adopt discipline in their training. My success is the result of my constancy and my discipline. In addition, the approach is different from other gyms: it’s small, intimate and coaches give all their attention to their clients. At Elite Coaching, your coach is the only one to take care of you more than yourself. My coach is able to keep me focused with its motivating attitude, he believes in me and demonstrates it a lot. I will never go train in a gym other than Elite Coaching!”