« I had just came back from Paris where I ate a lot of croissants and other less than healthy foods. I knew that I needed to hire a pro to seriously get back in shape to bring down my body fat and improve my health for once and for all. I didn’t feel good about myself. I felt tired and my clothes were too tight because I was overweight. I contacted Elite Coaching and I was recommended a health and fitness program that I could integrate into my daily routine, which focused on all aspects needed for my success.

The results I got with Elite Coaching in 11 months were way above and beyond my expectations. Half my body fat melted off and I have never been as healthy as I am today. I tried out other gyms in the past, and aside from my efforts, you just cannot compare the results I got from working with Elite Coaching with other gyms.

I train three times per week with a coach, and I have a weekly BioSignature consult to tackle my lifestyle habits and nutrition. The key to success for unbelievable results is to be consistent in your efforts, both in the gym and out.

At Elite Coaching, the coaches make sure that you give your best efforts always whilst respecting exercise technique. They are also highly competent and willing to educate their clients for lasting improvements in your health as a whole.

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